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Duowei will achieve to serve 30,000 clients

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About Duowei

Founded in 1983, Duowei has established itself as a premier integrated service provider of metal enclosure system for buildings in China. With its products reaching markets in over 90 countries and regions across the globe, Duowei caters to a diverse clientele numbering in the tens of thousands. For ten consecutive years, Duowei has consistently ranked among the top ten companies in the Chinese industry of metal enclosure systems for buildings.
Duowei has been dedicated to expanding its footprint in the green building industry, establishing a core product portfolio that revolves around the "New Three Panels" (roof and wall panels, clean panels, and floor panels), steel structures, and building-integrated photovoltaics. Committed to delivering comprehensive system solutions to global customers, encompassing various aspects such as design and R&D, lean manufacturing, product marketing, and project management, Duowei has solidified its position as a globally leading integrated service provider in the field of green buildings.
Duowei remains steadfast in the entrepreneurial vision, which has propelled the company to achieve stable development over the past 40 years when sales revenue has continued to grow, ensuring consistent profitability and maintaining a healthy cash flow. This exceptional performance enables Duowei to make a robust investment in technology R&D, which, in turn, has resulted in the acquisition of over 500 state-authorized intellectual property rights. Among them, multiple invention patents have successfully addressed industry technical challenges. Additionally, Duowei has contributed to the development of over 30 national and industry standards, playing a pivotal role in driving high-quality growth within the sector.
Duowei has consistently adhered to the corporate philosophy of "Rooted in Manufacturing, Centered on Quality", and established modern and lean manufacturing bases in Tianjin, Nantong, Shenyang, and Chengdu, aiming to progressively establish an informationized, digitized, and intelligent production and operational management system.
Duowei has been serving industry giants, including CASC,China FAW ,BMW, Huawei, BOE, Samsung Electronics, BYD, and EVE Energy, and has forged long-standing and stable partnerships with nearly one hundred companies on the Fortune Global 500 list. By the year 2030, Duowei aims to cater to a clientele of 30,000, spanning over 100 countries and regions worldwide.
In the future, Duowei will persistently provide customers with the utmost valuable products and services, working towards the construction of exquisite structures that embody zero-carbon green energy. Through this commitment, Duowei aims to contribute to a harmonious and symbiotic vision of a splendid future.

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